Monday, August 1, 2011

Terry and Amy

In our blog posts from Greece, we didn't say enough about our friends, Terry Cramer and Amy Posmantur. This delightful couple has lived and worked in college and school education in Vicenza, Italy, for nearly two decades.  We met them five years ago in Venice and have joined them almost every year since then, in Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Italy. This year we spent Amy's spring break in Athens and Crete.
Like us, Terry and Amy love to hike, so we took long walks through Athens and longer hikes through the deep Imbros Gorge and across the windswept mountains of Crete.
We shopped for fresh fruit from street vendors.
And then we ate in on a rooftop in Athens looking up at the Acropolis.
Too bad Terry and Amy had to go back to work and couldn't toast Crystos Anesti! (Christ Risen!) while cracking the traditional red Greek Easter eggs.
Our next trip with Amy and Terry? They've invited us to Morocco in April 2012. Inticing!